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Admission open for LKG to Std VIII for the academic year 2023 - 2024


Fee Structure

  • Each student has to pay one year’s fees towards establishment, examination, sports and games etc. along with the first month’s tuition fee in the 1st month of every academic year.

  • Monthly fees should be paid on or before 5th of every month. Those who are not giving fees on time have to pay Rs.10/- extra for each period of 10 days

  • Fees and Bus fare once remitted in the office will not be refunded on any account.

  • The Management is vested with and absolutely has the right of revising the fees whenever required.

  • Co-curricular item once opted cannot be changed or withdrawn.

  • Fees defaulters will not be issued the hall tickets and are not eligible to write examinations


Unity English Medium  School follows the CBSE syllabus and the medium of instruction is English.

CBSE has brought out examination reforms by introducing a school based Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Academic performance of the students are evaluated through Formative and Summative assessments. Co-Scholastic areas mainly include attitudes, values and life skills. Practicing these skills help students to improve their personal and social qualities.

With the objective of ensuring holistic development of our students, the school gives importance to activities inside and outside the class rooms.  We understand that a good education involves the whole child, thus opportunities beyond the classroom are an essential part of the educational experience.

Admission enquiry


  • No students shall be admitted unless an application in the prescribed form signed by his/her parents/guardian has been submitted.

  • The parent/guardian must state the date of birth of the child in the application form and the same must be supported by a Birth Certificate from the Panchayat/Local authority. No change in the date of birth shall be entertained later. Parent/guardian must be careful with regard to the child’s name indicated in the application form.

  • If a student comes under SC/ST/OBC etc. category, the parent/guardian must produce a certificate stating the same from the Panchayat/Local authority.

  • Every application for admission is filed and forms part of the permanent record of the school.

  • Entry in the rolls – A newly admitted student shall have his name entered in the rolls of the school on the date at which first attended the class after making payments of all specified dues.

  • Admission numbers shall be allotted to students on their admission and each student must retail this number till he/she leaves the school. In case of withdrawal (TC) and re-admission a new admission number would be given.

  • Caution Deposit – Caution deposit is charged only from Class XI (Science) student which is refundable without interest at the time of leaving the school.

  • For any willful misrepresentation of facts by the parent/guardian/student, the Principal has the discretion to punish the student.


  • Admission is restricted by certain regulations and by condition of age,mental attitude, ability and conduct of the candidate.Applicants for admission will be interviewed,tested and admitted to the standard they are found fit,according to the vacancies available.

  • Admissions classes are made by the school authorities depending upon their norms of selection of children and the availability of seats.

  • Every candidate for admission must be introduced by the parent/guardian who will be responsible for his/her conduct,progress in studies,discipline and payment of fees

  • The principal reserves the right of admission to a student without ascribing any reason for it.he also reserves the right of refusing continued studies of any pupil whose conduct or academic progress is found not satisfactory or who is not benefiting from his/her stay and study in this school.


  • No school leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for in writing by the parent or guardian one month in advance.

  • If the head of the institution find any student’s performance unsatisfactory and orders withdrawal of such student, it is obligatory on the part of the parent or guardian to withdraw the student.

  • Application for TC in the prescribed form should be submitted at the office by the parents at least two weeks in advance.

  • The management reserves the right to compel the parents to with – draw their children if their conduct is harmful to the students

  • If a parent desires to withdraw the child from the school before the end of the school year, the rules demand that the school fees for that entire year should be paid before the transfer Certificate could be issued.

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