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Admission open for LKG to Std VIII for the academic year 2023 - 2024

About Us



Unity English Medium  School, established in the year 2001, is situated in the heart of Mannarkkkad town. The School admits students, both on boarding and day scholar basis. CBSE syllabus is followed with low teacher-to-student ratio. Personal attention to every pupil is guaranteed. 
The management bought this in the year 1944 and established a school in the year 2001.  Under his vision the school has produced socially aware-skilled citizens for the past two decades. The trust provides 100% scholarship every year to the economically backward but potential students.

Our Vision

The success of a school depends not on the number of a high ranking students produced, but on the number of humane and civilized citizens nurtured by them and an approach that draws on quality thinking, creative and performing arts. to strive – to seek – to find – and not to yield.

Our Mission

We envisage grooming children to be agents of Love, Justice, and Peace through the love of God, the pursuit of knowledge, moral integrity, and social responsibility. We dedicate ourselves to forming a better future generation by inculcating in our students high ideals of nobility, morality, religious harmony, and national integration.

Rules & Regulations

  • Be regular reach atleast five minutes before first bell.

  • Attend school in clean tidy school uniform.

  • Be on time to morning assembly. Take part in with solemn devotion.

  • Keep your class rooms school premises neat and use the dust bins.

  • Avoid running about in school, quarrelling with, shouting, whistling Etc..

  • Avoid bringing all unnecessary to school mobile phones other electronic gadgets are banned. Those found in possession such articles will be cause for dismissal from school.

  • Avoid exchange of articles, money Etc..

  • Jewellery and other costly are not to be to school.

  • Never attend school while from infectious and contagious.

  • Be obedient to parents, and elders.

  • When senior persons come or talk to you standing erect.

  • Keep the high tone the school by excelling conduct, good manners and both in and out school.

  • Queue up while boarding deboarding the school vehicles. Allow juniors to take seats.

  • Do not go beyond barrier during intervals. Those who home for lunch should standing permission from the.

  • Vehicles other than bicycles not allowed usually to the school campus. The authorities will not be for unlawful use of any by the students.

  • Speak in English only in the other language.

  • Water is precious. Use Judiciously

  • Save electricity. Switch off fans, lights when not use.

System Of Education

  • Achieving overall development of the child

  • Moulding the children with positive moral and spiritual thinking.

  • Inculcating a sense of social responsibility and religious tolerance

  • Enhancing competence and confidence to meet the challenges of life by love and service.

  • Upholding human values and our composite culture.

School Management


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